Art & Design Degree Online, April 2011

What should I know when considering a degree in Art & Design ?

  • Design professionals enjoy a career in which they can apply their creativity to a practical canvas.
  • The field of design is highly competative and requires professionals who are willing to work to be one of the best.
  • The secret to thriving in the field of design is originality.

What is the field of design?

Professionals in this field are able to render their own creativity, to create something real. Interior decor, graphic art, architecture, painting and even cuisine are all different types of design.

What education is needed to get into the field of design?

Education lends to improving design technique, but it’s only a part of becoming qualified to succeed as a designer. In this field, talent goes a long way. Some design professionals have very little education, while others work to earn a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree. It’s suggested for everyone going into this field to get at least a minimal amount of formal training, in order to get a feeling of what people in the field are doing. For fields such as graphic design, it’s almost mandatory to take some courses since there are some rather complex programs used by graphic designers. In short, getting into all types of design does not necessarity require formal education, but in order to become more marketable in the field it’s good to get at least some formal background experience.

What career opportunities are there in the field of design?

There are so many opportunities in this field for those with talent and perseverance. The field of design is highly competitive so, in order to be successful, people in design must know how to market their talents. Some examples of different design fields are 3D animation and multimedia, computer aided design, fashion and merchandising, film and television, graphic design, interior design, video game design, advertising, and web design. There are many more sub-categories of the design field but these are the major ones. Many highly creative people find their own niche in this field and become very successful. The secret to thriving in the field of design is originality. If you can manage to create something that isn’t already out there, you’ll find much opportunity in design.