CAD / Computer Aided Drafting Degree Online, April 2011

What should I know when considering a degree in CAD/Computer Aided Drafting ?

  • Computer-aided design professionals assist engineers and architects in the design process.
  • Most professionals in the field of computer-aided design have some formal technical training.
  • Most CAD professionals start out making between $30,000 and $38,000 a year.

What is computer aided design?

Not many things are done by hand anymore, and the work of engineers and architects are no exception. Computer-aided design (CAD) is the technology used by engineers, architects and other design professionals in their design process. CAD professionals are specialized to help create blueprints and other designs on the computer. There are three slightly more specific categories of the computer aided design field that include CADD, computer aided design and drafting, CAID, computer aided industrial design, and CAAD, computer aided architectural design. All of these sub categories are very similar, and differ only in their specific application.

What education is needed to get into the field of computer aided design?

Most computer aided design professionals have a bachelor’s degree or specialized technical degree.

What career opportunities are there in the field of computer aided design?

CAD professionals have a number of different career options from which to choose. Some decide to work with an architect or architectural firm to aid the designers in drafting images online, while others choose to work as assistants in corporations. Companies, such as Starbucks, need CAD professionals to help design the layout of their retail locations.

How much money do computer aided design professionals make?

Among the different levels of computer aided designers are slightly different salary scales. A CAD detailer has an average yearly salary of $30,000, a CAD designer salary averages around $37,500, and a CAD analyzer makes somewhere from $38,500 a year. There many different types of positions in this field, so salaries could vary greatly depending on education and experience.

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