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Career in EducationThe field of education is vast, and there are countless different degrees that aspiring educators can pursue in order to secure a fulfilling position. Many students earn associate or bachelor’s degrees in education, and these undergraduate certifications can help secure entry-level education careers. In order to be considered for a managerial administrative position, a master’s degree is often required. One of the most respected degrees in the field is the Educational Specialist degree, or the Ed.S., which is even more advanced that the master’s. Discover how this degree can help advance your career.

How Long Does it Take to Complete the Ed.S.?

Since this advanced degree program is made up of roughly 30 credits, it takes full-time students about one year to complete. However, many students are not able to drop everything and work on the degree full-time. A large percentage of students currently work in education, and they have to complete their degree coursework in their spare time. If this is how you plan to complete your Ed.S. degree, you should expect to complete it within two years.

Who is Eligible to Earn the Ed.S.?

Unlike undergraduate degrees, only a small percentage of individuals will be eligible to complete the Education Specialist degree. In all but the rarest of cases, applicants need to have several degrees under their belt before they can attempt this one. You should already have a bachelor’s degree in a related field as well as a master’s degree in education. If you have a master’s degree in a similar field, you may need to submit additional paperwork to demonstrate your interest in the field of education. These restrictions are in place to allow enrolled students to expand on existing educational theories rather than relearn undergraduate materials.

What Subjects Will You Learn During This Degree Program?

One of the best things about earning the Ed.S. degree is that you can choose an area of specialization. The most popular choices are educational leadership, special education, school psychology, curriculum and adult education. Each of these course programs will offer different classes and subjects, and students should choose the course that best lines up with their career goals. In any program, a lot of your time will be spent discussing and researching existing education theories and practices as well as Teacher in Classroomunderstanding why certain ones work and others fail in the classroom.

How Can an Education Specialist Degree Advance Your Career?

Although an education specialist degree can teach you a lot, most students enroll in this degree program because it can advance their careers. If you are interested in becoming a head teacher or securing a managerial position, an Ed.S. can show your superiors that you are ready to take on new challenges. In addition, public school system employees with an Ed.S. will rise up through the point system of the pay scale and increase their earning potential. Above all, however, this advanced degree will help you to better understand the challenges in the education system and make a more meaningful connection with students of all ages.

If you are interested in advancing your education career, an additional degree like the Ed.S. could be the key to success. Even the busiest classroom teachers and educational administrators will have time to complete this degree online thanks to the flexibility and convenience of the Internet-based courses.

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Is Teaching Assisting the Right Career For You? Wed, 05 Jun 2013 23:51:16 +0000 Jennifer R. Gilbert

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Teacher with ChildrenFor many people who enjoy spending time with children, the idea of becoming a teacher seems like an obvious one. After all, teachers get to spend their days among students, and it can be an intensely rewarding and fulfilling job. However, training to become a teacher can take several years of full-time study. If you are interested in this career path but don’t have the drive, finances or time to complete a full bachelor’s degree in education, a better choice might be to become a teacher’s assistant. Before you begin looking for teacher assisting jobs, answer the following questions to determine if this is the right career path for you.

Do You Enjoy Working With Children?

This is perhaps the most important thing to ask yourself before you decide to work as a teacher’s assistant. Without a love for children, working in the classroom will feel dull and frustrating. On the other hand, an appreciation for children will make your day fly by. If you get overwhelmed or impatient when working with big groups of children, don’t be discouraged. There are still opportunities for you within the field of education, but you might prefer an administrative role rather than a position working directly with children. Of course, there are a few teaching assistant positions where the classroom is made up of adults rather than children, and this might be a better fit for some individuals.

Do You Want to Enjoy Long School Holidays?

One of the perks of working in many schools is the schedule. Most schools have several weeks off during the winter holidays, and summer is typically a full two months off for teachers and students. While this might seem like a fabulous opportunity to take some much-needed time off, keep in mind that with this schedule might come a lower pay scale. If you would prefer to work full-time throughout the year and earn a bit more, then working in a typical school classroom is probably not the right fit for you. Learn more about education degrees available online.

Do You Meet State Requirements for Teacher’s Assistants?Teacher  Assistant

In many states, the only official requirement for a teacher’s assistant is having a high school diploma or the equivalent of a general education degree. However, not all states have the same guidelines. Many more expect any assistants in the classroom to pass exams covering what they will be teaching, which ensures that every teacher is qualified to teach subjects like math, science, English literature or history. In a select few schools around the country, teaching assistants are also required to have an associate degree in education.

Do You Have Some Formal Education or Training?

Even in the states where there are no formal requirements for teaching assistants, having some training or education beyond the high school level can be incredibly helpful. When competing for a specific position, for example, your credentials will be compared to those of other candidates. Having even a few online certificates, diplomas or completed courses can show hiring managers that you are eager to advance your career and continue learning.

If you are serious about becoming a teaching assistant in a classroom, and you answered all of these questions with a yes, then you are likely a good fit for this position. Visit an accredited online college to learn more about teaching assistant programs that you can complete entirely online from the comfort of your home.

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4 Reasons to Pursue a Ph.D. in Business Management Online Wed, 05 Jun 2013 15:30:58 +0000 Jennifer R. Gilbert

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Business MeetingFor many people in the world of business or financial management, there is no discernible benefit to having more than a master’s degree like an MBA. In fact, it is one of the areas of study where earning a doctoral degree is very rare. The reasons for this might seem obvious. After all, hiring managers looking for top executives often look more at their experience and demonstrated success in the past than at their credentials or college degrees. However, there are still many people who could benefit from earning a degree like the Financial Management – PhD in Business Admininistration. Here are some reasons to pursue a Ph.D. in business management online.

1. Reach the Top of Your Field

One of the most common reasons to pursue a doctoral-level degree in business management is to climb to the top of your field. If you work for a large financial institution, for example, earning this degree will give you incredible respect from your peers and colleagues. As you learn more over the course of this six-year degree program, you will be able to apply the information to your everyday tasks at work. This will set you apart from others, show bosses your worth and help you to climb to the top of any industry or business.

2. Secure Research or Consulting Careers

There is no denying that holding down a position as a business manager within a financial or banking institution can be incredibly stressful. Although the pay is typically impressive, there are many quick decisions that need to be made, and long hours are expected. Many executives and managers who want to avoid some of the stress prefer to take on positions in research or consulting. With years of experience and a Ph.D. in business management, you will be in demand as an informative and experienced resource for many different companies and organizations.

3. Study While You Maintain Your Existing Career

Many students who enroll in a Ph.D. program are not able to quit their jobs entirely in order to study full-time. Although you might think that working means that you can’t pursue a higher education, that simply isn’t true. Thanks to the ability to study online, it is possible to earn even an advanced degree over the Internet. You can watch lectures live from streaming sites, you can download recorded classroom sessions to watch at your leisure and you can complete research and papers according to your own daily schedule. As long as you have a computer and the desire to get ahead, you can earn your Ph.D. online.Business Manager

4. Increase Your Earning Potential

Although earning an advanced degree like the Ph.D. in business management will undoubtedly help you to become better at your job, the biggest reason that individuals pursue this qualification is to increase their earning potential. Although a master’s degree will help you make a lucrative salary, adding a doctoral degree on top of that is a surefire way to increase your take-home earnings in big way.

Some individuals dream of earning an advanced degree but are afraid that it is out of reach. Thanks to accredited online colleges, it is possible to earn even a doctoral degree entirely online, and students can work right from the comfort of their own homes.

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Begin a Lucrative Career With an Online BS in Business and Accounting Thu, 30 May 2013 23:19:43 +0000 Jennifer R. Gilbert

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Career in AccountingThere are plenty of different reasons that individuals pursue careers. For some people, their career was a natural choice because they were passionate about the subject. For others, it was chance that put them in their current position. If your primary goal for finding a job is to earn a greater salary, then you might want to pursue careers in the financial or business sector. In order to seriously be considered for a salaried position in this industry, you will almost certainly be required to hold a bachelor’s degree of some kind. The BS in Business and Accounting is a great choice, and it can be earned easily online. Here is a basic guide to this degree, what you can expect to study, what careers are open to graduates, what requirements are needed for enrollment and how you can pursue the degree over the Internet.

Basic Information About the BS in Business in Accounting

Like many bachelor’s degrees, this degree consists of roughly 120 credits, and it takes students an average of four years to complete. It can be earned online or through traditional college campuses, and the focus is to prepare students for careers in accounting, business and finance. Some of the typical courses found in this degree’s curriculum include business accounting, financial marketing, income taxation and budgeting.

Careers Available to Graduates

With a bachelor’s degree in your possession, you will have dozens of careers open to you. Many graduates become in-house accountants for large corporations and retailers, and they act as bookkeepers to balance finances. Others work as auditors for the IRS, which involves checking federal and state tax returns for accuracy. Many graduates also go on to earn their master’s degree in accounting in order to become CPAs, or Certified Public Accountants.

Requirements Needed for EnrollmentBusiness and Accounting Degree

Most high school graduates will be eligible to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in business and accounting. However, many schools have specific requirements that applicants need to meet in order to qualify for enrollment. These prerequisites include things like being over the age of 18, submitting high school transcripts, having minimum SAT or ACT scores and writing admission essays. It is also common for colleges to ask students to submit references about their character, their education or their work habits. These references may come from family friends, previous educators or even your current employer.

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree Online

If you are one of the many aspiring students who thinks that they don’t have time to pursue higher education, then think again. Even the busiest students can fit a bachelor’s degree program into their life thanks to online education. Students can watch lectures online live, or they can watch them later on at their convenience. Study online, discuss lectures with your classmates online and even take exams online whenever they fit into your personal schedule.

A bachelor’s degree in business and accounting can go a long way in securing the career of your dreams. Head online today to find a suitable program in this subject.

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What Can You Do With an Online B.S. in Information Technology? Wed, 29 May 2013 22:24:32 +0000 Jennifer R. Gilbert

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Network Security AnalystThanks to the rise of computers in everyday life, one of the most popular options for an undergraduate degree is the bachelor’s degree in information technology. Although this might sound like an interesting topic, students shouldn’t sign up for an online course program unless they know what kind of jobs are available for them after graduation. If you are thinking seriously about pursuing a B.S. in Information Technology – Advanced Networking, you will spend time learning about web development, disaster recovery and search engine optimization. Here are some of the career possibilities that graduates can consider.

Network Security Analyst

Although technology is a big part of the success of most companies and organizations, it can also be a weakness. Securing private business information, vital contacts, important contracts, classified product research or the personal information of clients is a serious task, and those who have studied advanced networking in an information technology degree are just the people for the job. This position involves tasks like checking the system for viruses, regularly updating software, installing firewalls and training other employees about implementing tactics for cyber security.

Marketing Executive and SEO Expert

Although you might be surprised to learn that you can pursue a marketing career with an information technology degree, the pairing is actually more common that you would expect. Information TechnologySince so much of today’s marketing is done over the Internet, trained researchers have to be able to harvest the information of users and process it into recognizable information for marketing and advertising teams. In addition, computer experts need to be able to create marketing content that comes up for search engine searches with popular sites like Bing or Google. In order to achieve this, you will need a thorough understanding of SEO, or search engine optimization.

Computer Systems Analyst

Nearly every medium or large-sized business will need to hire at least one full-time computer systems analyst. The job of a computer systems analyst involves discussing with the company what kind of computer systems are necessary, and then they determine the most cost-effective solution that still meets all the needs of the business. However, the job is not over once the system is in place. You will still need to test the system, the hardware and the software on a regular basis, and you may also interact regularly with other employees who need training on the new system.

Information Technology Expert

Although this title might seem vague, it is a common position for IT graduates with degrees in advanced networking. Your job as an information technology expert is primarily to help employees troubleshoot the hardware and software used by the company. You might spend your morning responding to emails, and then you might hold a seminar teaching managers how to address common computer problems. As an information technology expert or consultant, your expertise is invaluable to a business, and it is hard to imagine a fully-functioning modern office without at least a handful of IT professionals to help staff.

If you are interested in securing a stable and lucrative career revolving around information technology, consider specializing in advanced networking. Thanks to the availability, convenience and flexibility of online degree programs, it is easier than ever to fit these various courses into your daily life.

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